Лазне-Теплице Lázně Teplice Теплица


Teplice is a city with an abundant history and world-famous spa; the life-teeming city of business, entertainment, and culture; a city full of parks, fountains, cafes and popular restaurants; the place is sometimes called “Little Paris”. The city of Teplice is situated in the beautiful countryside between the Bohemian Middle Mountains and the mass of “Krušné hory” (the Iron Mountains) close to the German border. The discovery of the hot remedial springs dates back to the year 762. After 1990 the total renovation of spa accommodations was completed. The city of Teplice is also world known for its traditional production of high-quality glass and ceramics.

Main diseases indications

  • Deseases of the locomotive system
  • Muscles diseases, ligaments and fascia
  • Traumatic vasoneuroses
  • Vertebrogenic syndromes
  • Lymphatic system inflammation

Main types of spa treatment

  • Thermal and pearl baths
  • Oxygen theraphy, hydrotherapy
  • Mud and parafin wax pack
  • Acupuncture
  • Massages, electrotherapy


  • Лазне-Теплице

Контактная информация

  • Адрес: Теплица,
    Чешская Республика
  • GPS: 50° 38.661 N 13° 49.516 E


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