Lazne Trebon (Lázně Třeboň)


Třeboň is a town, which seems to belong to a fairy-tale world. The beautiful chateau has rich and historical furnishings. You can find there the unique square, golden carp, recreation, bathing, water sports, hiking, cycling, and beautiful natural scenery. It attracts visitors with its rare conserved historical city center, being dominated by the square and its Renaissance houses. In 1960, Třeboň was granted a spa-town status and later in 1980 the historical heart was protected by the UNESCO Preservation.

Main diseases indications

  • Diseases of the motory organs
  • Spine pains
  • Joint pains

Main types of spa treatment

  • Peat bath
  • Peat poultice
  • Electrotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Underwater massage

Informazioni sui contatti

  • Indirizzo: Trebon, Repubblica Ceca
  • GPS: 49° 0.472 N 14° 45.654 E


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