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Spa Poděbrady make successful use of the effects of therapeutical procedures in providing spa care to the adult patients suffering prevailingly from the diseases of the heart and the vessels (the conditions after the operations of the ischemic heart disease - coronary by-passes, conditions after the operations of the heart valves, conditions after invasive performances on the coronary bed, conditions after heart transplantations and other heart operations, conditions after suffered heart muscle infarction, to the patients with chronic form of the ischemic heart disease, with high blood pressure of the Ist - IIIrd stages, cardiomyopatzhies, inborn or acquired heart defects, ischemic diseases of the lower limbs, conditions after thrombophlebitis, chronic vein and lymphatic diseases) - these are indications II/1 - II/12. At present, as the first spa in the Czech Republic, they routinely perform the so-called \"early rehabilitations after heart operations\" - directly by re-laying from the bed of cardio-surgical clinics.

Further, we provide spa therapeutical care for those suffering from diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus - newly detected, educational stays and treatment of associated complications of diabetes mellitus), indications IV/1-IV/3. There is a podiatric ambulance there with very good reputation used not only by the treated patients with diabetes mellitus, but also by many self-payers.

We also treat the patients suffering from an affection of the locomotive apparatus (vertebrogennous painful syndrome), indication VII/12.


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  • Dirección: Podebrady,
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