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Lázně Kynžvart is the most important place in the Czech Republic for the treatment of infant respiratory disease. The safe and attractive spa area is situated in the Slavkovský Forest in a place which receives a lot of sunshine thanks to its location above the fog in the valleys below. The dominant feature of the town away from the spa area is a renovated Renaissance chateau with large adjoining park. Local history is full of magic and enchantment but the most important thing in Lázně Kynžvart remains the happiness and health of the children who come here for treatment. The stimulus to found a spa here came from the local estate owner, Metternich, who was interested in the chemical composition of the local mud and mineral-rich springs.

Natural curative resources, indications

Apart from the local climate, four mineral springs whose water contains a high concentration of CO2, form the natural materials used in treatments.

The spa offers a series of therapeutic programmes such as rehabilitation, electrotherapy, balneotherapy, rehabilitative cycling, horse riding and swimming.

Free time activities

As part of climatotherapy children take part in a programme of activities including mini golf, croquet, ball games, horse riding and hiking. In the spa area there is an indoor swimming pool as well as a fitness centre and a sauna. Renovated Kynžvart Chateau is also popular among visitors.


  • Lazne Kynzvart

Información del contacto

  • Dirección: Lazne Kynzvart,
    República Checa
  • GPS: 50° 0.514 N 12° 37.562 E


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